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Taper Pins

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Fastenright Limited Your Uk Source For Fixings & Fasteners.

Special Fasteners made to customer drawings

Technical Data & Available Sizes

Available In All Finishes :     Finishes List
Available In All Materials:    Materials List


M1 x 10mm M1 x 20mm
M2 x 10mm M2 x 50mm
M2.5 x 12mm M2.5 x 50mm
M3 x 12mm M3 x 60mm
M4 x 16mm M4 x 100mm
M5 x 20mm M5 x 100mm
M6 x 20mm M6 x 140mm
M7 x 50mm M7 x 100mm
M8 x 40mm M8 x 160mm
M10 x 30mm M10 x 160mm
M12 x 40mm M12 x 200mm
M13 x 100mm M13 x 150mm
M14 x 90mm  
M16 x 50mm M16 x 200mm

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