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Sems Screws

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Fastenright Limited Your Uk Source For Fixings & Fasteners.

Special Fasteners made to customer drawings

Technical Data & Available Sizes

Available In All Finishes :     Finishes List
Available In All Materials:    Materials List
Sems screws usually consist of a screw and one or two washers.

The advantages are that:

In production only one item is assembled rather than two or three.  Assembly is therefore quicker, more efficient and cost effective.

In quality the reliability of your product is improved as you are certain that there is always the correct washer in the right place.

The combinations of screws and washer are immense.

Screw Type Washer Type
Thread Forming - Machine Screws Shakeproof - Spring - Flat
Thread Cutting - Standard Bolt Round - Square - Conical

Head Style:-    Drive Type - Screws Point - Material - Finish

All are manufactured to meet your specific need, with most items carried from stock.

Below are just some of the variations that are stocked

  • Pan Head Machine Screw
  • Fillister Head Type B Tapping Screw
  • Thruss Head Type AB Tapping Screw
  • Hex Head2 Type D Tapping Screw
  • Hex Washer Head Type T Tapping Screw
  • Pan Head Machine Screw and Regular Washer
  • Fillister Head Type D Tapping Screw And Narrow Washer


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