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Riveting Tool Description
T90 Lever Riveter

A rugged lever-action tool for larger blind rivets. The T90 was designed for on site use in building, roofing and cladding.  This stability and the very low manual effort have made the riveter well accepted for work on aircraft, ships, road and railwagons and wherever men work at a height.

Tool Dimensions:  135mm x 45mm (450mm with  handles fitted).  Weight:1.4kg                         

T66 Long Reach Riveter This well styled large capacity tool has the longest reach of plier-action riveters.  Its nose reaches upto 58mm into restricted access situations, an advantage for work on computers, vehicles, aircraft and boats.  The construction of the tool is very solid, fit for work of laboratory technicians, field service engineers, vehicle mechanics and boat-builders.

Tool Dimensions:  275mm x 105mm x 34mm  Weight:  0.61kg

T80 Lazy Tongs Riveter This is a powerful heavy duty riveter.  The 'Lazy Tongs' mechanism delivers the very high forces needed to set the lager, strong rivets with a very low operator effort. in addition to the standard type of blind rivets, the T80 also sets rivets with extra high clamping force like Monobolt, Bluebite and other structural fasteners. for certain building, roofing and cladding application special adapters are available.  The T80 is used in Vehicle building and repairing, air-conditioning and fabrication on building sites and in factories.

Tool Dimensions:   Closed 327mm x 190mm x 33mm.  Open 840mm x 112mm x 33mm.  Weight:   1.7kg

T110 High Capacity  Lazy Tongs Riveter The T110 has the heighest capacity of the hand-operated rivets. it meets the hardest tasks of production and maintenance.  With the mechanical advantage of the reinforced Lazy Tongs the operator need exert only 15kg approximately to obtain the 1½' tone force for setting 5mm or ¼" rivets including Monel and Steel.  The T110 sets all standard blind rivets as well as high tensile structural rivets.

Tool Dimensions:   Closed 354mm x 190mm x 34mm.  Open 980mm x 112mm x 34mm. Weight:  2.22kg  

Handmaster HH6 Air Riveter A lightweight (1.6Kg) and compact air riveting tool.  Low air consuming - air pressure required 580-700 kpa.  Can set up to 6.4mm (¼") steel ricets but will require a minimum air pressure of 85-100 psi (6-7kg/cm²).
Sr-1M Hand Riveting Tool Hand riveting pliers suitable for light duty field work.  offset head for easier bench use.  Case hardened steel construction for longer tool life.   Sets 2.4mm (3/32") 3.2mm (1/8") and 4.0mm (5/32") diameter rivets and 4.8mm (3/16") aluminium rivets.


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