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Philidas Nuts



                    PHILIDAS® INDUSTRIAL NUT

                        Philidas® industrial nut are an all metal locking hexagon nut designed to have a friction grip between the nut and the bolt threads.
                        The Philidas® industrial nut is the most versatile self-locking nut in the Philidas® range and is a popular choice within many industrial
                        Philidas industrial nuts are an all-metal one-piece nut with a collar above the hexagon, with two slots in the same plane cut in
                        the collar and the metal above the slots set to de-pitch the threads.
                        The all-metal Philidas® industrial nut is suitable for use in high or low temperature conditions and the locking
                        performance is unaffected by 
                        oil, petrol or other liquids and vapours.
                        The Philidas® industrial nut has low prevailing torque and can be applied on multiple occasions (around 5 applications


                        PHILIDAS® TURRET NUT

                    Originally designed for the aircraft industry, the Philidas® Turret Nut is now available for commercial use and is the preferred
                         use within the rail industry.
                         Advantages of the Philidas® Turret Nut include:

                         Philidas® Turret Nut has Lower prevailing torque than Philidas® Industrial type

                        Philidas® Turret Nut has a higher re-use factor than Philidas® Industrial type

                        Philidas® Turret Nut is unaffected by chemicals or temperature

                        Philidas® Turret Nut can be assembled with the locking element leading onto the male thread

                        The Philidas® Turret Nut is available in: ISO coarse, UNF, UNC, BA, BSF, AND BSW threads ( 2.5mm to 52mm, 4-40 (6BA) to 3 in)



                    PHILIDAS® COMBY NUT

                        Philidas® Comby Nut is available in self-locking and non-locking form

                        Philidas® Comby Nut combinations of nut body variations to washer styles are numerous

                        Philidas® Comby Nut simplifies and speeds assembly while ensuring correct washer is fitted

                        Philidas® Comby Nut facilitates automatic assembly where separate items, especially washers would be difficult to orientate, feed & locate.



                    PHILIDAS® MARK V NUT

                        Philidas® Mark V Nut is a low cost production most suited for high volume application

                        Philidas® Mark V Nut has a relatively high prevailing torque obtained by two-point deforming for consistent characteristics to BS4929

                        With the Philidas® Mark V Nut all threads are load bearing

                        The Philidas® Mark V Nut is available in the following: ISO course, UNF, UNC, BA, BSF, & BSW threads
                        (4mm - 36mm, 6-32 (2BA) - 1.5in


                        PHILIDAS® TRILOCK NUT

                   Philidas® Trilock  Nut Can be very thin to suit applications where height is at a premium

                        Philidas® Trilock  Nut has three or six point deflection of top threads depending on size and torque requirements