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Fastenright Limited Your Uk Source For Fixings & Fasteners.

Special Fasteners made to customer drawings

Technical Data & Available Sizes

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Hollo-Bolts Nut Clamp Type F2 Type A Recessed Long Tail Type D1 Flexible Tails Alpha Wedge C/W Plates
Lindibolts Hand Wheel Type AF High Friction Type E Tapered Hole Type F3 Double Leg
Grate Fast Nut Clamp Type F9 Type B Flat Top Type LR Self Adjusting Type F3 Single Leg
FF Floorfast Clipped Washers Type BR Rail Clip Type Tips Hemispherical Washers
Eye Bolts P2 Packing Long Type C1 Hookover Type W Washers FL3 Flange Clamp Plain

ring us on 01902 457734 to discuss your requirements for any of the above Lindapter Fixings

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