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Fastenright Limited Your UK Source For Stover  Nuts

Stover Nuts Are Stocked In Steel

Stover Self Locking Nut Technical Data & Available Sizes
Thread Type Sizes Available
Metric M4 - M36

                        Stover Nuts are vibration resistant self locking nuts
Advantages of using the Stover Nut Include:
                        The self locking function of the Stover Nut is still effective after a number of applications, hence it can be used many times.
                        The Stover Nut is an all metal Stiff Nut and is resistant to shocks, vibration and dynamic loads.

                        Stover Nuts is a 1 piece all metal (class 8) nut.  The locking function of the Stover nut us achieved by the deformation of part of the nut. 
                        The nut will run smoothly until it reaches the  deformed part after which the clamping force will subsequently increase.


For technical information and greater product information on Din 980 Stover Nuts visit Fastenright's new webpage for self locking nuts