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Grooved Pins

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Fastenright Limited Your Uk Source For Fixings & Fasteners.


Technical Data & Available Sizes


DIN 1471 (GP 1)  

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Full length taper grooves used to fix two or more components together, but with less insertion than DIN 1473.


DIN 1472 GP 2)

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Half length taper grooves used where part of the assembly must be a free fit


DIN 1473 (GP 3)

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Full-length parallel grooves used to fix two or more components together with maximum rigity


DIN 1474 (GP 4)

grooved pin din1474.jpg (27280 bytes)

Half-length reverse taper grooves used where the ungrooved portion acts as a stop or handle


DIN 1475 (GP 8)

Grooved pin Din1475.jpg (23990 bytes)

Third length centre grooves used on hinges or clevises where the two ends must act as pivots